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Serving quality boxed lunches and FREE delivery for corporate!!

From 30 to 5000 people, we provide delicious and healthy Lunch boxes!! You can now have healthy hot lunch right at your office!

  • We offer Individually Packed Lunch boxes ( $15 - $27 per sets) :

    •  An entree with rice

    •  An entree with rice and salad

    •  An entree with rice, salad, soup

    •  An entree with rice, salad, soup and dessert

  • Delivery Time: During Lunch hours on Monday to Friday at 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. 

  • Easy to Order:   Call, or email.  Whatever your preference, we make it easy for you to order. Our stuff can fine tune to your specific needs with regular ordering. You can place an order as late as the same day, and any length of time in advance.

  • Delivered on Time:  Our on-time success rate is better than 99.9%.

  • Easy to Pay:   We gladly accept cash, company checks, all major credit cards, and can invoice corporate, government, and non-profit customers.

Contact us for more information at, 707-361-5152 or 925-822-3230.

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